About Us

Seventeen partnering organizations from Chippewa and Eau Claire Counties received a grant award to support activities to improve behavioral health in the community.

This funding is available for up to eight years, and is divided into three phases:

  1. Learning Community and Coalition Planning
  2. Project Implementation
  3. Sustainable Transformation

Health Priority

Mental Health was one of the top three health priorities identified as needing improvement in both Chippewa and Eau Claire counties in the 2014-2015 Community Health Assessments.

Target Audience

Youth and their families are the target population of the project. The intent is to both decrease rates of childhood depression and increase resiliency in Chippewa Valley youth.

Steering Committee

The steering committee consists of representatives from partnering organizations in the Chippewa Valley who provide input, guidance, and direction as the grant is developed and implemented.

Learning Community

The Chippewa Valley participates in Learning Community meetings with nine other communities across Wisconsin. The Learning Community provides and receives guidance and support with program development.