Our Project

Promoting Resilience for Chippewa Valley Youth

Mental Health Matters is a project with over 20 partnering organizations in Chippewa and Eau Claire counties that aims to improve mental well-being for middle and high school youth using three different strategies:

Education & Awareness

Partnering with youth-serving professionals to raise awareness of the relationship between stressful life events and negative health outcomes. Sharing tools, resources, and everyday actions that support youth in overcoming adversity and other challenges. Helping youth-serving professionals from education, faith, community-based, government and healthcare sectors


Partnering with schools to learn, practice, and integrate mindfulness strategies to improve focus and memory, decrease depression and anxiety, help cope with stress, and improve school environment in middle and high school staff and students


Chippewa Valley Mental Health Matters will aid community decision-makers and youth-serving professionals by developing a youth mental health data system and identifying opportunities for policy and practice changes in the community that support mental well-being